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Pengamatan efek sitotoksik dari ekstrak metanol dan fraksinya (heksana dan etil asetat) dari temu mangga melawan 6 cell lines (garis sel) kanker pada manusia, yaitu: thehormone-dependent breast cell line (MCF-7), nasopharyngeal epidermoid cell line (KB), lung cell line (A549), cervical cell line (Ca Ski), colon cell lines (HCT 116 and HT-29), dan 1 non-cancer human fibroblast cell line (MRC-5). Thus Sanskrit and Arabic words which are pronounced by Malays with the short vowel sound are so spelt in this vocabulary, whereas most lexi- cographers who use c for the short vowel have spelt such words with a, i, or u, as tanira, nixcJwya. Such words will be found spelt phonetically according to the Malay pronunciation. It will be noticed that in root words the accent usually falls on the penultimate. In regard to the division of the syllables it will be found that on the addition of a suffix commencing with a vowel the final consonant of the root is carried forward to commence the new syllable. The same thing is done when a prefix ending in a consonant comes before a root com- mencing with a vowel, as m-tya-k-n from mig and aim.

Pelatihan Budidaya Tawon Madu -.. The Malays invariably divide the syllables in this way, each syllable being begun with a consonant wherever it is possible. This plan of having a different system for roman- izing foreign words causes great confusion in a vocabulary and has been avoided as far as possible in this work. In this vocabulary no attempt has been made to indicate the original Arabic pronunciation; the aim has been to accentuate every word in the way in which it is ordinarily pronounced by Malays in the colloquial language. In order that one may pronounce correctly, it is just as important to know on which syllable the stress should be laid as it is to have every word spelt phonetically. Many authorities on the Malay language have maintained that in derivatives the accent moves forward on the addition of a suffix from the penultimate of the root to the penultimate of the derived word. As a rule the accent in derivatives remains on the same syllable on which it stood in the root, the principal excep- tions being words ending in arg, in which the accent falls on the penul- timate of the derivative on the addition of the suffix an. The Dutch scholar van der Wall was the first to controvert this theory, which is also opposed by the grammarian Gerth van Wijk, and is undoubtedly incorrect.

Another special feature of this vocabulary is that synonyms or words of cognate meaning and sometimes those of exactly opposite meaning, are referred to in the case of a very large proportion of the words. A novel feature of this vocabulary is that the stress on each word is shown by means of an accent, in the same way as is done in Webster’s Dictionary. For instance when the words tiarg, lurun or tahan come at the end of a sentence the accent falls on the last syllable, but when placed elsewhere in the sentence there is some uncertainty as to the accent, though it generally seems to be on the penultimate. When the vowel of the penultimate is short, however, the accent very fre- quently falls on the last syllable. In some two-syllable words there is an almost equal stress on the two syllables, and in such cases the accent depends a great deal upon the position of the word in the sen- tence. The former arrangement, though perhaps scienti- fically correct, presents such unnecessary difficulties to the unsophistic- ated mind that a consistent system of phonetic spelling appears pre- ferable. Words of Arabic- origin are often accentuated by the Malays in a manner different from the Arabs.

Malays always say klimah shah a flat, it would be misleading to spell otherwise. Ayahnya memboyong anak laki-lakinya ini pindah ke Labuah Basilang, Payakumbuh. Di Payakumbuh inilah Rusli Marzuki Saria menyelesaikan pendidikan SD dan menamatkan SMP (Sore) pada tahun 1953 dan pada tahun yang sama ayahnya pun meninggal dunia sehingga rencana akan melanjutkan studi ke Akademi Seni Rupa (ASRI) Yogyakarta pun batal. Sejalan dengan itu, kata bilangan lain yang berasal dari bahasa Sanskerta juga ditulis dengan cara yang sama. Pada tahun 1955, Rusli diasimilasi dari Pegawai Sipil menjadi Agen Polisi Kepala Mobbrig di kantor yang sama. Semenjak bekerja di lingkungan Mobbrig pada tahun 1953, Rusli melanjutkan pendidikan SMA di bagian A (Jurusan Bahasa) SMA (Sore) Sandyakalta di Bukittinggi. Mobiele Brigade (Mobbrig) kemudian berganti nama menjadi Brimob (Brigade Mobil) dan berkantor di Jalan Merapi, Bukittinggi. Buah kering umumnya dibuat dari buah yang memiliki kandungan air kemudian dikeringkan untuk mengurangi kadar air dalam buah tersebut.

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